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  • Working with The Training Hub has truly been an incredible experience. Their communication and support have been exceptional, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for their assistance. The transition from the old system to the new one has been completely hassle-free, thanks to their guidance, support, and organisation. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to everyone for their continuous support.

    Howard Case Manager
  • Our staff training and communication methods have been completely transformed by The Training Hub. The eLearning modules are both captivating and regularly updated. The flexibility to incorporate our own policies, videos, and courses has allowed us to provide blended learning opportunities to all staff members at various locations. The customer service is exceptional, making it a worthwhile investment.

    David Child Welfare Specialist
  • The response time is impressive and their assistance is consistently valuable. The quality of the content is excellent and the system is user-friendly for both staff and managers. Although our partnership is still in its early stages, I have full confidence that it will continue to be productive and successful.

    Odette Behavioural Health Technician
  • As a newly established Care Company, our primary goal is to provide top-notch systems. With my extensive 20 years of experience in Learning Management systems, I can confidently say that this system fulfills all my requirements. It offers effortless configuration and user-friendly interface, while also boasting an appealing and well-designed appearance.

    Andrew Child Welfare Specialist
  • The content provided by my employees is consistently praised for being excellent. It is both informative and user-friendly, making it highly recommended by them.

    Cameron Case Manager
  • The training courses are seemingly designed to be interactive and user-friendly, ensuring that our training compliance remains strong even in these challenging times. The dedicated team is always ready to assist and enhance the system to meet our customers' requirements. In addition, the prices are incredibly reasonable. The expertise is evident in the courses and the system's functionality, making it an excellent choice.

    Brian Behaviour Analyst
  • The ease of use and practicality of this resource make it an excellent tool for enhancing one's knowledge and skills. It provides a vast array of lessons to cater to different needs.

    Adrian School Counselor
  • The course is delivered in a manner that is both clear and concise, ensuring ease of understanding. The videos provided are of a high standard, further enhancing the learning experience.

    Elizabeth Councelor
  • This course was excellently delivered, providing valuable education through concise guidelines and instructions. I highly recommend enrolling in this course.

    Victor Case Worker
  • My team's professional skills have been expanded through this training. The teaching experience was captivating, and I am truly appreciative.

    Richard Addiction Counselor
  • Exactly what our organisation needs for staff CPD including my own.

    Hashim Medical Social Worker
  • Was able to develop the care staff's knowledge even further thanks to these courses.

    Samantha Case Manager
  • We gave our staff the chance to read up on some key issues to improve the day to day lives of the children we see to. After a call and demonstration, I was easily able to purchase and allocate the courses requested, and all have found them easy to digest. A+

    Wesley Behaviour Analyst
  • Due to the nature of our role, we have to ensure the care of Asylum Seekers and Refugees, despite the extensive experience I have in this field, the course on this topic still managed to provide me and the other staff with insightful knowledge.

    Josie Child Welfare Specialist
  • Staff found the cyber security course very impressive, they will now be able to implement these practices, which is priceless.

    Aaron Behavioural Health Technician
  • Our team undertook the safeguarding courses, overall very satisfied.

    Daisy Direct Care Worker
  • The layout of the courses are laid out excellently, a bright mix of content, videos, areas to reflect between sections & a quiz to challenge your knowledge at the end.

    Gareth Medical Social Worker
  • All staff felt satisfied with the courses we allocated, so no complaints at all here, many thanks

    Fatima Case Manager
  • We had to conduct some vital training in relation to the safeguarding of children, and everyone on the team was grateful to partake insuch insightful training.

    Jin Behaviour Analyst
  • The Social care staff have now been upskilled on Health and Safety, staff mentioned that the legislation was up-to-date and they enjoyed the quiz at the end. Thanks for the help

    Andrea Child Welfare Specialist
  • The provided information is highly valuable from a customer's perspective, as it offers clear and useful details. This course will greatly contribute to the enhancement of job skills. Thank you for providing such a beneficial resource.

    Gavin Case Worker
  • The knowledge and insights gained from this material are invaluable and will greatly contribute to my professional growth.

    Peter Social Work Intern
  • This course has provided me with a wealth of knowledge on various subjects. I intend to incorporate this newfound knowledge into my daily routine, both at work and at home, to ensure safety and prevent any unforeseen risks. Thank you for offering such an informative course!

    Lisa Social Worker
  • The course provides in-depth and informative content that effectively addresses the subject matter. The logical sequence of presentation ensures easy learning and understanding. Considering its value, I highly recommend it.

    Dharam Direct Care Worker
  • The courses I did was extremely informative and motivational. It greatly expanded my understanding of both physical and social well-being.

    Thomas Medical Social Worker
  • This course is exceptional, with a highly effective presentation and execution. The audio narration greatly aids in processing and considering the information. I found this course to be extremely beneficial and informative!

    Kathryn Addiction Counselor
  • Having overcome domestic violence six years ago, I am filled with gratitude and feel fortunate. This course has provided me with a deeper understanding of my purpose and the motivation to share my story. My objective is to inspire and provide assistance to other individuals who have experienced this hidden form of abuse.

    Lee Case Worker
  • As a professional social worker, I have gained invaluable knowledge from your program. I am passionate about assisting mothers and babies, and I am grateful for the education you have provided. Thank you for your teachings!

    Michelle Clinical Social Worker
  • The courses provided are stimulating, and I am thrilled to be on the correct path towards developing innovative and captivating skills in Social Work.

    Patricia Therapist
  • I have gained a deeper understanding and improved my knowledge through convenient accessibility. This opportunity has provided me with a valuable experience and a new perspective on caregiving. I am grateful for the chance to learn and grow.

    Geoffrey Family Advocate
  • As a customer view this is very useful and all the given details are very clear. This course will be very useful for to develop the job skills. Thank you

    Santiago Social Work Intern
  • Very informative with great detail - multiple choice questions at the end of the course on the modules studied, definitely recommend.

    Eloise Addiction Counselor
  • The training gave a broad overview of all aspects relating to safeguarding children and young people. I found the statistical information interesting and information about the relevant legislation was presented in a way that made reading easy to follow and apply.

    Joshua Clinical Social Worker
  • Well presented in an easy-to-read format. A comprehensive training guide that takes you through everything you should know about this subject. It provides a solid explanation of the law also.

    Allison Social Worker
  • I really enjoyed this course. I was looking for relevant Information for my own role and the course covered all the aspects that I wanted. So very pleased and would recommend this course to all Care professionals.

    Cameron Therapist
  • The course was well-laid out and easy to follow. It was a needed refreshment and useful recertification.

    Lillian Case Worker
  • very knowledgeable course and very interesting. Some shocking stats as well. Helps to realise how important my care to children really is

    Andrew Family Advocate
  • I thought it was very informative, clear and helpful. The information was more useful than safeguarding courses I have done in the past. There was more useful information about what happens when a referral is made.

    Jawaria School Counselor
  • The course was concise, precise and useful. I took copious notes

    Wesley Case Worker
  • Very informative and easy to access. Just what I needed to be up to date for my role in education.

    Zainab Social Work Intern

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